Take a glance at what it’s like to exist beyond borders.

Photo by Ruxat Photography on Unsplash

Whenever I cross the homeland borders, something bizarre happens to me. I’m usually a positive person, but my optimism escalates when I return from a foreign country. I talk out loud, engage in small talk, and smile like a monkey.

The thing is, it only lasts about two weeks until…

The contrast between continents.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Driving can be challenging when you are in a different country. Signs you have never seen before, traffic lights of different sizes and colors, or narrower lanes can make you feel like a complete idiot.

Commonly, two different countries slightly vary in traffic rules, but the modification can be substantial…

Anna Sabrsulova

One passionate traveler who loves coffee and writing. @annasabrsulova follow me on Instagram and I might start posting again.

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