Why the corporate world does not work for everyone.

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Corporate companies dominate the world as thousands of people are fighting over each other to have the experience of working at one.

I had a chance to work at corporates, and it was eye-opening. Well-known companies allowed me to see what’s their secret to success. Recipes that no one knows, and everyone only wonders about. I felt important to be one of them.

Yet, large corporates also have their obstacles. A complicated organizational structure makes it impossible for you to interact with customers and feel any kind of pleasure from their satisfaction. …

Stop wasting your time on woolgathering.

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One of the hardest things about reaching your goals is seeing other people succeed before you. People you know, your friends, or influencers expose their life on social media day-to-day. With every post they share, they unintentionally plant a seed full of questions into your mind.

The paradox is it’s not always influencers or social media that causes the wonder of the unknown. You also see random people living the life you wish to have. You happen to know what their life is like. Where they live, work, or who they are with.

Have you ever admired someone so much…

The contrast between continents.

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Driving can be challenging when you are in a different country. Signs you have never seen before, traffic lights of different sizes and colors, or narrower lanes can make you feel like a complete idiot.

Commonly, two different countries slightly vary in traffic rules, but the modification can be substantial when comparing two different continents.

Europe and the USA have very distinct traffic regulations and habits. Many tourists don’t even realize that until they rent a car. Manual transmission is only one of many surprises waiting for them on the European cracky roads.

If you think about taking a trip…

Your words are more powerful than you think.

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Expressing your honest thoughts about problems your closest ones are dealing with can sometimes be helpful. It can bring attention to things your friends otherwise neglect. By telling them what they don’t know or see, you can contribute to their happiness.

Just because you say something negative or discouraging doesn’t mean you will hurt someone. However, sometimes it can happen. People forget that there is a specific time to express all unsaid thoughts and a certain time when it’s better to be quiet and give your friend support.

I got inspired to write this story by a few of my…

Beauty | Personality

Can the expressionless look be the cause of our social problems?

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

About three years ago, I was at a small party with my back then-boyfriend. I remember they played the Empire State of Mind. My body only wanted to dance, and my soul craved to meet new people. My boyfriend was one of the best people I have ever dated.

When I needed him beside me, he was always there. When I was sad and depressed, he was able to cheer me up within a few seconds. That night, however, he did something I didn’t expect. He told me something I didn’t have the slightest idea of, which has changed my…

Keep going, and don’t look back.

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Do you ever feel so passionate about something that you want to invest all your time and effort into it? You love what you do so much that you sometimes forget about the world around you. All you care about is to create new ideas, practice, learn. You want your work to be impeccable, flawless.

After months of trying to reach perfection, there comes the exciting part. You are about to perform, compete or hit the submit button. As simple as it sounds, this step can bring a good amount of anxiety, fear, and self-destruction into one's mind. …

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Welcome to the publication where cultures meet, and travel experiences are shared. The World Unlimited is a brand new publication. It’s the place where you can exchange stories about different cultural habits, traditions, and interesting facts worldwide.

It is truly fascinating how different nations vary in lifestyle and how such variation inspires millions of people. Hundred years ago, traveling was rare, and only real-life stories and books could tell people how other countries looked. We have the privilege to experience the world without borders (almost). …

When dreams are dashed.

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It was September 2019, a beautiful evening, and I was getting ready to leave my boyfriend for a few months. We had a blast that summer. He showed me what a real amusement park looks like. He did a great job teaching me to say the word “taco” properly, and I am proud I finally learned the baseball and hockey rules.

Leaving your significant other is always devastating. I can’t even express my emotions in the last moments of seeing him. Anxiety and fear are filling your body, and your heart is overflowing with love and devotion. …

Sugar cubes, mushroom hunting, or no tips?

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Visiting new places is always exciting. It opens your mind, brings enjoyment and new experiences. It is often recommended to research the country you are about to visit. The country might have different cultural habits and traditions than those you are used to from your home country. With a quick search, you will not be taken by surprise.

The Czech Republic definitely possesses a few unusual characteristics and traditions that no one has ever heard of and which make the country unique.

It is a known fact that Czechia is famous for its delicious draft beer, the capital Prague, or…

How to be prepared for the job market in 2021

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I have always assumed that your doors are wide open with a college degree. I thought that the reason why everyone goes to college, and I should go as well, is to have a perfect job.

Little did I know that this was only one of many naive assumptions I had as a student. Don’t get me wrong; college years were so far the best years of my life. However, if I had done more research or listened to some of the advice I have received over the years, I could have avoided some unnecessary trouble seeking a job.


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